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Economic Development Online is your 24/7 resource for best practices and self-directed learning. It is designed for people who currently work in community and economic development as well as those who plan to work or volunteer in this field.

Acquire the resources and practical tools to meet today’s challenges as community leaders, development professionals, and governmental and non-governmental organizations .Four Information Gateways are available with access to best practices, templates, and self-study modules.

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What's New

Asset Based Community Engagement Toolkit

Building on what we have got, focusing on the positives and strengths of community are the focus of this Tool Kit developed by Australia's Central Coast Community Congress.
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Building Local Strength: Emerging Strategies for Inclusive Development

Produced by the Congress for the New Urbanism, this is a practical document for local governments, practitioners, and community leaders who want to understand what they might do to promote inclusive development. 

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Creative Ideas for Vacant Downtown Buildings

This report from the University of Wisconsin provides a sample of how downtown buildings in small towns can be put to productive use in generating activity and community pride. It is intended to stimulate new ideas for reusing buildings for retail, food and beverage, services, and community spaces.

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