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Resource Mapping

Resource mapping(often called asset mapping) has grown to prominence as an essential tool in community and regional economic development.

The benefits of mapping include:

Resource Identification: Existing resources that can be utilized to support development initiatives are isolated ensuring congruency between strategy and natural strengths of the region.

Foundation for Strategic Planning and Implementation: Resource mapping lays the foundation for strategic planning and provides a benchmark from which to measure progress over time,

Catalyst for Partnership: Leaders can see common interests and organizational links which can motivate them to strengthen or form new partnerships.

Organizing and Motivational Tool for Implementation: Resource mapping is a tool to assist in engaging stakeholders in  development. The mapping team members often become the cornerstone of future development activities. 

Video: “Local Assets can be Economic Generators”  


In the Subscribers Only Section you will find:

  • DIY Guidebook: Community Resource Mapping
  • Asset mapping in the cultural, sport, natural resource and manufacturing sectors
  • Community and neighbourhood asset mapping
  • Youth resources mapping
  • Toolkits and guides to support resource mapping implementation