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Finding Money

Communities and organizations must be prepared to provide the necessary financial resources for community economic development. 

Those resources would typically be used for things such as:

  • Proper office facilities, equipment and staffing.
  • Outside professional services. (Legal, Accounting and other Consulting services)
  • Marketing expenses such as a community profile, a display, paid advertisements in selected  publications, travel costs.
  • Expenses specific to projects being developed.

Opportunities for funding support from the provincial and federal government do exist, as well as programs made available by charitable foundations and the private sector.

In addition to maintaining an up to date inventory of Funding Programs, SEDA offers an intensive interactive workshop designed for community based organizations, municipal leaders and staff.  

Community Fund Development 101 provides a recommended 7 Step Approach Plan to fundraising that can be developed to support project based or ongoing needs of the community. The workshop also integrates complementary fundraising strategies such as crowd funding and individual donor campaigns.  Participants will be provided with worksheets and templates to develop their own fund development plan.